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Urinarne infekcije u trudnoci i mjere prevencije..

Título alternativo: [Urinary infections during pregnancy and methods of prevention]

Resumen: Urinary tract infections in pregnant women develop owing to the short urethra in women, mechanical pressure of the uterus onto atonic urethra during pregnancy, atony of the urinary bladder caused by the level of progesterone, iatrogenic factors (catheterization), some metabolic disorders, anemia, obstipation etc. These are frequent reasons why pregnant women over the pregnancy period develop infections of urinary tract, where a significant number of them have bacteriuria showing no symptoms of acute infection whatsoever. The research covered unselectively 4,850 urine samples of pregnant women. The results obtained by classical methods--taking urinoculture and doing antibiogramme--have shown that in this sample there is a large number of asymptomatic bacteria (13%), which is complicated by an increased incidence of pyelonephritis gestoses in the second half of the pregnancy. In our sample, the commonest cause of urinary infections has been E. Coli, then the second trimester of risk gestation period; the risk group with regard to parity are primiparas, while the risk age is between 20 and 29.

Autor/es: Idrizbegovic S - Mehmedbasic S - Perva S

Publicado en: Med Arh (45(3-4):95-6, 1991.)

ISSN: 0350-199X

Tipo/s de publicación/es: ENGLISH ABSTRACT - JOURNAL ARTICLE

Dirección/es: Klinika za ginekologiju i akuserstvo, Klinicki centar Sarajevo.

Año de publicación: 1991


Idioma/s: Servo-Croata (Romano)

Descriptor/es: Adulto - Femenino - Humanos - Embarazo - Complicaciones Infecciosas del Embarazo - Factores de Riesgo - Infecciones Urinarias

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